We’re Sharing our 2018 AZ Election Day Guide!


Phoenix, AZ (November 6, 2018) As we prepare for election night, Data Orbital is pleased to share our Arizona Legislative District Election Day guide.  We’ll be using this throughout the night as we track the results of State House and State Senate races.   

This thirty-page guide includes a page for each of Arizona’s thirty legislative districts.  For each district you’ll find listings of the candidates, our ratings for each race, early ballot return data, a breakdown of registered voters in the district, the results of the candidates’ 2018 primary races, and the district’s historical election data.  We’re offering this guide for campaigns, consultants, pundits, journalists and interested citizens to use as a reference for their own election night tracking.  With close and exciting races across the state, we expect there will be several districts to watch right up until the end.  

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