LATEST: Data Orbital Releases 2020 Corporation Commission Results


Phoenix, AZ (May 24, 2021) – Following the enthusiastic reception to its release of a 2020 Presidential Results Dashboard, Data Orbital is pleased to release its Corporation Commission Results Comparison by precinct in Maricopa county for 2020.

“As a down-ballot, largely partisan race, Corporation Commission results have always provided a unique window into the electorate and given us previews of trends in certain areas year over year,” said Data Orbital President George Khalaf. “After the 2016 election cycle, our corporation commission race analysis predicted the districts that would end up seeing close races and seat flips in the 2018 cycle.”

The interactive and color-coded dashboard allows results to be selected by Maricopa county Legislative District (and voting precinct) along the following breakdowns.

●        Districts where Republicans won the slate

●        Districts where Republicans won the vote total, but split the slate

●        Districts where Democrats won the vote total, but split the slate

●        Districts where Democrats won the slate.

Additionally, the results can be viewed by both Democratic and Republican advantage and Republican gains and losses from 2016 to 2020. 

George Khalaf offered the following statement on the results. “It’s clear that the Corporation Commission race remains a good predictor of partisan performance. Suburban districts like Legislative Districts 17, 20, and 28 that showed weak Republican slate performance have largely continued to slide. The most intense case of this is District 17 that encompasses parts of Chandler. It showed significant performance gains for Democrats while not registering any notable gains for Republicans. We will update this dashboard as part of the redistricting process to provide analysis on projected results within newly drawn lines.”

Data analysts, candidates, politicos, and interested citizens can view the dashboard here.



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