COMING SOON: Data Orbital Arizona General Election Early Voting Tracker


Phoenix, AZ (October 10, 2018) With early ballots arriving in Arizona households this Thursday, Data Orbital is excited to continue its record of accurate insights on Arizona’s early voters. The firm is pleased to announce that its Early Voting Tracker will be going live on Monday, October 15th.

Using individual level data, we will break down Arizona by federal, legislative and city races. The tracker will provide key information on races up and down the ballot through interactive filtering down to the precinct level.

With this level of granularity, we are excited to dive even deeper this general election with insights into changes in voter behavior. Our tracker will look at key metrics like voters’ voting history in past elections, how close to Election Day they registered to vote, and a variety of voter demographics. We will also continue to track the turnout across parties as we did in the primary election.

George Khalaf, President of Data Orbital, issued the following statement, “With turnout being the key factor in the outcome of all federal and statewide races, this early voting tracker will provide an early look at what we can expect on election night. With races in play up and down the ballot, we look forward to offering this resource for tracking daily developments.”



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