JUST RELEASED: Data Orbital’s Arizona General Election Early Voting Tracker


Phoenix, AZ (October 15, 2018) Data Orbital is pleased to announce the release of its 2018 Early Voting Tracker as the initial votes of the 2018 Midterms are being cast in Arizona.  This tracker breaks down early ballot information, looking across both federal and state districts at key metrics such as turnout, voter demographics, and leading motivation indicators.

Go to the tracker here or read below to learn more about the many interactive and in-depth features:

Advanced Filtering:

With data down to individual voters powering Data Orbital’s Early Voting Tracker, users are able to gain insights on races up and down the ballot across the state.

Quick-Glance Overview

Get a quick perspective on the current ballot advantage and an overview of requests and returns across Arizona.

Voter Demographic Comparison

Putting you in the drivers’ seat, our voter demographic breakdown allows comparisons across years and party. Additionally, learn about the types of voters who have and haven’t voted yet.

Voter Motivation

As voter motivation and turnout continue to be key factors in this election cycle, follow important indicators of voter motivation as ballot returns come in.

New Voter Profile

As more Arizonans vote in this election, the New Voter Profile looks at the demographics of voters who have not voted any in of the past four General Elections. 

As ballots continue to flow in, Data Orbital’s tracker will be updated in real time, bringing you the most up-to-date information. 

Go beyond current year data and truly activate early voting insights with past election historical data from Data Orbital.

Reach out to Data Orbital at info@dataorbital.com for more information.



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