Data Orbital Opens Primary Early Vote Tracking to the Public


Phoenix, AZ (July 20, 2020) Data Orbital is pleased to announce it will be providing its primary election early vote tracking to the public.

In the 2018 midterm elections, Data Orbital provided a primary and general election vote tracker to the public with great success, allowing Arizona candidates, campaign staff, and politicos to follow the daily trends in turnout.

Now, in 2020, Data Orbital is sharing its primary tracking with the public but will be providing general election early vote tracking via subscription only. Those interested in subscribing for the general election should follow the primary election tracking for robust data on not just ballot returns by party, but breakdowns age, ethnicity, gender, district, and geography.

“Arizona voters tend to vote early and by mail, but this year, we expect those numbers to be even higher because of concerns over COVID-19,” said Pollster George Khalaf. “We pride ourselves on providing the best Arizona-focused political data and look forward to continuing that this year.”

“While we can’t draw general election conclusions based on primary turnout, it may offer some early indicators of enthusiasm, particularly in primaries that are seen as battles between moderate and less moderate wings of both parties,” Khalaf explained.

To access the 2020 Primary Election Tracker, click here. To subscribe for the general election, contact Data Orbital here.



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