The Data Orbital General Election AB/EV Dashboards are here!


Phoenix, AZ (October 3rd, 2022) Data Orbital is proud to announce the release of its state-of-the-art General Election AB/EV dashboard. This dashboard includes enhanced filtering features with new metrics and accessibility. The dashboard breaks down early ballot information, looking across both federal and state districts at key metrics such as turnout, voter demographics, and historic voter turnout. Available in three distinct tiers, offering varying levels of metrics and filtering options, this dashboard suite is tailored to fit your data needs. Explore and pre-order the options today, at!

Receive an all-encompassing overview of ballots requested and ballots returned, updated daily across Arizona.

With improved mapping filters, you can see breakdowns of ballot requests and returns in each county, as well as results down to the precinct level in select counties.

What does the demographic makeup of Arizona look like when it comes to this general election season? See the ballot return breakdown in real-time with the ability to draw comparisons across years and party.

Understanding independent voting patterns is critical to getting a pulse on key Arizona races. As more Arizona voters identify as independent, it is crucial to follow these voting trends as the general election season progresses!

An increasing number of new Arizona voters are turning out to vote. The New Voter Profile looks at several breakdowns of these individuals who have registered since the beginning of the 2022 election cycle.

See how Arizonans, across the voting frequency spectrum, historically compare to this cycle!

Go beyond the current year and truly engage in the early voting insights with past election historical data from Data Orbital.
As ballots begin to flow in, Data Orbital’s AB/EV Dashboard will be updated in real-time, delivering you the most up-to-date information!



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