2024 Primary AB/EV Dashboard Pre-Orders Now Open!


Pre-purchasing is now open for Data Orbital’s 2024 Primary Absentee Ballot and Early Voting (AB/EV) Dashboard! This advanced tool, set to go live when we begin to recieve return data, is your gateway to unprecedented electoral insights.

Obtain a snapshot of the election cycle, including the total number of ballots requested, daily returns, and the cumulative total of ballots returned, reflecting real-time voter participation. Our dashboard breaks down early ballot requests and returns by party and shows the distribution of voters who did not request early ballots. Detailed data on ballots requested and returned is categorized by party affiliation, along with the percentage return rate, allowing for efficient analysis of each party’s ballot return efforts.

Our dashboard offers detailed demographic insights into voter behavior, categorized by age, race and ethnicity, and gender. You can explore how these groups interact with the voting process through the breakdown of total ballots, ballots that were sent but not returned, and ballots that were returned, filterable by party.

Gain a focused look at independent voters! Our dashboard provides insights into their primary election voting history, which can be filtered by party. You’ll find information on return rates for independents, with cycle-over-cycle percentages for easy comparison. Additionally, explore the total ballots requested and returned for independents, broken down by party.

Analyze voter behavior with data on return rates based on primary election history, allowing for year-over-year comparisons. See how the frequency of primary voting changes over time and compare these trends cycle over cycle. Also, you can examine the return rate of ballots by party and by year, offering valuable data for comparative analysis. On top of that, you’ll find the current cycle’s primary election return distribution based on voters’ primary voting history.

Access comprehensive historical data across all versions of our dashboard, an essential feature for comparing multiple election cycles. Track ballots returned day-by-day until election day, broken down by party, and analyze return rates cycle-over-cycle. This feature offers valuable context for trend analysis and strategic planning.

You can also find detailed comparisons of ballots returned by day and year, percentages of ballots requested and returned, and early ballot return rates by year. View the total number of ballots returned to county recorders, organized by days until the election.

Secure Your Dashboard Today:

  • Statewide Dashboard: Get a comprehensive statewide view for $1,500. 
  • Congressional Districts: Dive into specific congressional districts with detailed data for $250 each. 
  • Legislative Districts: Gain insights into any of Arizona’s 30 Legislative Districts for just $100 each.
  • County-Level Data: Select any county for a localized view, with data priced between $150-$250.
  • Custom Districts: AB/EV data for other jurisdictions are available upon request. Please inquire about your custom geography by emailing info@dataorbital.com.

Please note that only the statewide dashboard allows for deeper geographic dives, providing the ability to break down data by counties, congressional districts, and legislative districts. Other geographic options are limited to their respective specified level and do not allow for further sub-geographic analysis.

For a full feature breakdown and to purchase your 2024 primary AB/EV dashboard, click the button below!